Caleb Davis - Bio

Caleb at Symphony Hall P1010019 Caleb Art at Symphony Hall All state P1010015
Caleb is a very strong snare drum and drum set player. He has shown interest in many styles with a focus on rudimental and snare drum studies, Jazz, Blues, Afro Cuban, Brazilian, Funk, Rock and Caribbean, New Orleans, 2nd Line, Cajun, Zydeco and more! Caleb continues to learn with great enthusiasm and success at every turn. His drum set and snare drum reading skills are excellent, and he is very creative when improvising as a soloist; alone and with his ensembles. Caleb always plays as a supportive player for all of the ensembles he works with and has often been a featured soloist in many of the ensembles he plays with-including multiple features with the Empire State Youth Percussion Ensemble, the MMEA ALL STATE jazz band, Empire State Youth Orchestra Jazz Ensemble, Western Mass District Jazz Ensembles, his high school jazz ensemble and his own jazz ensembles. Caleb has developed good technique, and he works consistently to improve all of his skills across the board. He has a huge appetite and enthusiasm for learning new material and is always very excited and completely engaged when approaching new material. He has demonstrated his maturity consistently as a supportive player in all of the ensembles he has played with. 

Caleb has excellent performance experience. He has performed with:
*MMEA ALL STATE Jazz Ensemble 2006, 2008 & 2009
*MMEA Western District Jazz Ensemble 2004-2009
*Empire State Youth Orchestra Youth Percussion Ensemble 2005-2009 (featured soloist on drum-set for the Youth Percussion Ensemble performances including Luna’s Lunch a 2-Drum-Set Solo composed by Art Bernstein in 2005).
*Empire State Youth Orchestra Jazz Ensemble
*Empire State Youth Orchestra Jazz Ensemble Quartet
*High School Jazz and Concert Band