“Art has influenced my playing in so many positive ways it is difficult to sum it all up. His attitude and enthusiasm as a teacher makes every lesson a great experience, he allows me to form my own artistic preferences and develop my own style while staying strict on techniques that prevent me from hurting my playing. Art has a continuing passion for clean playing and time keeping that has become an essential part of my learning process. Art knows that becoming a great drummer isn't just limited to time in the practice room and keeping a metronome glued to the music stand; Checking out new albums and music, analyzing different drummers and their styles, learning my way around the studio, discussing recent performances and auditions are all ways that Art has prepared me for the world as a drummer. One important quality Art has instilled in me is to understand the way I learn, this enables me to teach myself the way he teaches me at lessons and better address my bad habits as a drummer. Art is an incredible drummer, mentor and teacher.”

Caleb Davis

"In my years of playing, I've learned that being a great
player doesn't necessarily make for being a great
teacher. Art Bernstein is one of the rare exceptions;
he possesses the playing talent, but also has the
patience and ability to communicate with students of
all ages and levels. The lessons I learned from him
over the years have helped me in all aspects of my
music career."

Mike VanDyne

"Art's wisdom of numerous styles of music and techniques for the drum kit has made him a great teacher for me. He will go to any means necessary in order to get an idea across to his students, including charting whole songs, demonstrating, or by accessing his enormous music library."

Maxwell Figarsky

"Art Bernstein was the most influential force in my musical development. He perfectly balances discipline in training the student with letting the student choose their own directions of development. He always encourages and never preaches. Art always taught me that it's about the music, first and foremost. His greatest asset is his knowledge of so many styles which he exposes his students to. He knows that to be a drummer today you must be above all well-rounded. Art also encourages his students to play music whenever they can. Additionally, Art really cares about his students as players and as people. He is a positive force to have available inside and outside of the classroom.
Art Bernstein has been my inspiration in my drumset playing career, as well as a role model in my own teaching career."

Bill Przylucki

"Art's incredible talent as a teacher derives from the fact that he is such an incredible student of music and of the art of drumming. He remains one of the most passionate drummers I know, and has the rare ability to channel such passion into every lesson he gives. Art teaches without ego, without concern of ability level and always in a positive and motivating manner. All combined with a clear and knowledgeable understanding of the music business, he's someone I have truly never stopped learning from. Art is one of my absolute heroes, and continues to be an invaluable source of inspiration in my musical development ."

Evan Pouchak

“For the last 10 years I have had the privilege to study with Art Bernstein.  
I can truly say that it has been unbelievable not only for my playing but my life.  
Art’s personal and unique relationship with each of his students, in and outside the studio, is an extraordinary gift that he brings to teaching.  
His effort and undivided attention to the development of his students is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted.  Art’s way of breaking things down and customizing his methods to each particular student and task is something that has always impressed me, not to mention how regularly I leave a lesson thinking, “That was like magic.”
Through studying with Art I have not only improved my playing but my whole approach to the drums, music, and life in that, we must truly, always strive for perfection.”

Aaron Drescher

My name is Everett McNair, and I have studied snare drum and drum-set under Art Bernstein for three years.  Art has taught me how to become a better player, but more than that, he has taught me how to analyze problems and obstacles, and how to overcome them.  He persistently demands excellence from his students in everything from complex samba grooves to quarter notes on the ride cymbal.  This has taught me to always do it right the first time, and to settle for nothing less than perfection.  It is great to take lessons from a teacher who pushes you to your maximum potential.  He has a deep understanding of current happenings in the music world, as well as a comprehensive knowledge of history and how it has played a part in modern music.  The best teachers have a love of their subject, and Art effectively communicates his deep passion for music to his students, making every lesson interesting, motivating, and stimulating.  He has taught me not only to pursue music as an end, but also to use music as a tool to build character which can be applied to all areas of life.

Everett McNair

"The most distinctive characteristic of Art is his enthusiasm for the drums, which is conveyed in his teaching! Art is always very supportive in the way he teaches, and lessons are always enjoyable. At the same time, Art has very high expectations, which encourages rapid progress. Art has a vast knowledge of many styles of music and is great at explaining things and thoroughly answering questions. Art is a fantastic drummer and I’m lucky to have him as a teacher!"

Eric Chang

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